East African Community Tenders

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Request For Proposals
Closes: 27th.Oct.2022 10am
20 days to closing date
Posted: 27th.Sep.2022        
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Provision Of Lease Laptops Services
Closes: 17th.Oct.2022 4pm
11 days to closing date
Posted: 23rd.Sep.2022        
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Financial Services Market Assessment Consultant
Closed: 23rd.Sep.2022 2pm
Closed: 14 day(s) ago
Posted: 10th.Sep.2022        
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Expression Of Interest For Vendor Pre-qualification
Closed: 16th.Sep.2022 4pm
Closed: 20 day(s) ago
Posted: 8th.Sep.2022        
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Posted: 24th.Aug.2022        
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1 Doc Available Posted: 18th.Aug.2022        
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1 Doc Available Posted: 11th.Aug.2022        
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Request For Proposals
Closed: 31st.Aug.2022 4pm
Closed: 36 day(s) ago
Posted: 10th.Aug.2022        
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Develop A Policy And Regulatory Framework For Recycled Pet (rpet).
Closed: 24th.Aug.2022 4pm
Closed: 43 day(s) ago
Posted: 4th.Aug.2022        
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