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Company Details
  Biomax Africa Limited
P.O BOX 91131 - 80103, MSA
Company Details
Business Areas
Civil and Water Works
Construction Equipment
Manufacturing Equipment
Mechanical Engineering
Borehole Drilling and Equipping
Electrical installation
Dams and Water Pans
Electricity Meters
Street Light Installations
Electrical Engineering
Pumps and Motors
Solar power installations
Electrical Materials
Power Generators and Backups
Agricultural Equipment
Meat and Poultry Products
Furniture and Office Equipment
Water Meters
Plumbing and Drainage works
Meteorological Equipment
Uniforms and Proctective Gear
Motor Vehicles and cycles
Fire Fighting Equipment
Water tanks Pipes and Fittings
Sports Wear and Equipment
Bulk water supply (Bowsers)
Tailoring Equipment
Cutlery and Crockery
Catering Services
Accomodation and Conferencing
Confrence Facility Services
Sports and Recreation services
CCTV and Access Control Systems
ICT security solutions
Conferencing and Public Address Systems
Tenders Unlimited Membership