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Company Details
  Sweet-tooth Inidustries Ltd
Nairobi, Valley Arcade
Company Details
Business Areas
Management Services
Project Management
Software Solutions and Licenses
Internet Services
ICT Repair and Maintenance
Other ICT services
Information Management Systems
ICT infrastructure services
Web and Mobile App Development
ICT Hardware and Accessories
Events Management Services
Visa Processing Services
Air Travel Agency Services
Tours and Travel services
Accomodation and Conferencing
Property Management Services
Logistics Services
Vehicles Repair Maintenance
Repair and Maintenance Svcs
Courier Services
Waste Management
Small Works
Steel and Metal works
Renovations and partitioning
Lift installations maintenance
Roads and Drainage works
Electrical installation
Building Construction
Power Grids and Power stations works
Street Light Installations
Air Conditioning and Ventilation
Electrical Repair and Maintenance Svcs
Electrical Materials
Power Generators and Backups
Tenders Unlimited Membership